Avocado Germination Holder

Avocado Germination Holder
Grow your own avocado tree easily and very sucessfully without any effort. 
Simply place a seed of avocado in the floating holder and place it in a bowl of water.
The dock is made so that once you put it in a bowl of water to swim and not sink.
The floating holder of germination of seed avocado is designed so that after inserting the seed does not need to do anything until it germinate and take root.
The floating holder float freely in the container with water and reducing the level and not hinders the germination of the seed, it just always remains on the surface and follow the water level.
With floating holder will achieve really good results in germination of seeds of avocado.
The floating holder is made of plastic on 3d Printer.
The 1-Pack contains one Floating holder.
Diameter 10.8 cm
Height 2.7 cm
Shape: Round
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